MOVING FROM LAND INTO THE WATERWAYS Furthers General Cable’s Commitment to Sustainability

In December 2014, 20 reels of General Cable’s Silec® Brand extra-high-voltage underground transmission cable traveled the Seine River from Paris, France, to Le Havre, France, the second largest port city in France. General Cable has long been committed to creating shared value for our company, including our employees, shareholders and stakeholders and the communities we serve and operate in, through sustainability. While we are pleased with our progress, our strong commitment to continuous improvement empowers us to continually examine our business and develop new strategies. General Cable’s quest for sustainable measures to ship large, heavy reels of cable led the company to consider the River Seine as a transport option into the French Port of Le Havre, France, to begin a trans-Atlantic shipment to the Americas. This form of transportation is the kind of solution that supports the type of objectives outlined within the Responsible Supplier Relationships Award that General Cable and its French subsidiary, Silec Cable SAS, received in 2013, as it is a more environmental-friendly solution than traditional ground transportation.

HAROPA, the fifth largest port complex in Northern Europe, working with LOGIYONNE, a multimodal operator, was selected for the project after passing a multi-criteria analysis, which evaluated things such as our quality, safety and security, the environment and overall Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices. The final analysis confirmed that a river transport to the Le Havre Port with the selected supplier fully met General Cable’s defined CSR targets.

On Friday, December 5, 2014, the 600-ton, 13,563 square foot (1,260 square meter) shipment left the company’s Montereau factory for the two-day, week-end transport from Paris to the port of Le Havre. From there, the 20 large cable reels were put on a ship on December 14th bound for Irapuato, Mexico.

The barge transportation of the 20 cable reels documented a significant carbon reduction of 30% in addition to other positive ‘green’ outcomes when comparing to road transport:

For many years, General Cable has been committed to meeting or exceeding environmental and safety regulations worldwide. We continually strive to reduce our environmental impact and to respect and protect the environments where we live and work, from the local neighborhood to the entire planet.

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