Procables in Colombia Recognized by the PREAD!

The PREAD is an award that annually recognizes organizations that stand out for their successful and eco-friendly approaches. The District Department of Environmental Health evaluates the environmental management of each competing organization to select the winners each year.

Since the award’s creation in 2001, the program has been favorably received by organizations. Over the years, the PREAD has become a prestigious recognition extended only to those select companies that implement actions in favor of the environment above and beyond required regulations.

For the fifth consecutive year, Procables has been recognized by the PREAD for its “Environmental Excellence” and sustainable development. This recognition was obtained on December 10, 2013, after the District Department of Environmental Health evaluated ProCables’ environmental management practices. They checked for a rational use of water and energy, as well as the reduction of discharges, emissions and waste. Procables exceeded expectations in every category. We are proud to say that the PREAD continues to recognize Procables as a consistent member of the select group of companies awarded for "Environmental Excellence."


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