Creative Sustainability at General Cable Piedras Negras, Mexico

Smiling children showed off their penguins.

This holiday season, over 250 school children received unique “green” holiday penguins made by General Cable associates at the company’s Peidras Negras, Mexico, plant. These cute holiday penguins, were made out of recyclable beverage containers gathered at the plant during the previous month and were filled with candy. The smiles on their faces showed their appreciation.

This isn’t the first time associates at the Piedras Negras plant have come up with creative ideas to reuse materials that had previously been discarded. See below for more examples.

Piedras Negras associates assembled "green" holiday penguins.

Children excitedly awaited their gifts.

Piedras Negras associate, Claudia Alonso, displays one of the many holiday decorations made with recycled steel cans and donated to local rehabilitation institutions and orphanage homes.

Associates also made toy boxes out of recycled cardboard drums.

Tables made out of recycled wood reels were painted bright colors and added to outdoor playground areas.


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