General Cable Installs Solar-Powered Parking Station at its Headquarters

General Cable recently completed the installation of a solar-powered charging station at its North American headquarters in Highland Heights, Kentucky. The installation features the company’s SunGen® Solar Photovoltaic Wire, Carol® Brand Electric Vehicle (EV) Plug and CarolGrene™ EV Cable. The installation also includes its Category 5e data communications cable and copper THHN building wire.

Solar Energy Solutions and AC Electrical Systems are currently installing a photovoltaic (PV) array that will track the sun both seasonally and daily. The array uses dual-axis trackers – one motor moves the tracker side to side throughout the day, while the other motor moves the tracker up and down, seasonally, throughout the year. The array uses premium modules (or panels) produced by SunPower Corporation. The project utilizes ClipperCreek CS-100 electric vehicle charging stations. General Cable supplies ClipperCreek with the OEM assembly consisting of the CarolGrene™ EV Cable and the EV Plug, private-labeled with their logo for their charging stations.


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