General Cable Facilities Achieve 1 Million Hours Without a Recordable Incident

In July 2012, General Cable's Phelps Dodge International Venezuela location achieved 1 Million worked man hours without any recordable incidents (14 months). Congratulations the Venezuelan team for 14 consecutive months of safety and for demonstrating that Zero & Beyond is achievable!

Congratulations to the PDIC Venezuela team for this excellence in safety!

On July 1, 2012, General Cable's Phelps Dodge International Brazil location in Pocos de Caldas demonstrated that "Zero" is possible by achieving over one million worked man hours without a recordable incident. This accomplishment is a demonstration of what our employees can do and achieve, reinforcing the fact that "Zero & Beyond" is possible and tangible.

Congratulations to the PDIC Brazil team for this outstanding accomplishment in safety!


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