General Cable Philippines: Safety is in Their Hands

General Cable associates in the Philippines practice hand exercises.

General Cable is a metric-driven organization. So when our safety metrics told us that the majority of our safety-related incidents involved hands, we put a global plan in place to reduce this trend. And it's working! The Safety is in Your Hands promotion includes a newsletter translated into 17 different languages with interesting articles that include tips and suggestions for improving hand safety.

Hand safety guidelines are repeated constantly through different messages in the Safety is in Your Hands campaign to encourage associates to make a conscious effort to take care of their hands on a daily basis by using the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), following safe machinery operation procedures and considering the consequences of unsafe actions.

Direct, precise and clear messages regarding hand safety have been deployed throughout the hand safety campaign, but most of all, a new communication strategy seems to have had a positive effect on people. Games, informative documents, group discussions and promotional items invite our associates — and their families — to actively participate, get involved and discuss the importance of hand safety.

Hand exercises are also recommended to help improve muscle strength and joint range of motion. Exercise is also the best way to keep your joints from getting stiff.

General Cable associates have embraced hand safety around the world, and we are proud to report that our safety results show a significant reduction in hand injuries over the last two years.


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