Working Safely for Them at General Cable Cuernavaca, Mexico

Brandon Lopez says in English, "If you cut yourself, you get hurt, and it hurts me too. Use a ceramic cutter."

Our General Cable associates are always looking for new ideas to promote safety in the workplace. During a weekly Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) meeting at the Company’s Cuernavaca, Morelas, Mexico plant, a group of associates were brainstorming on how to increase the level of engagement and participation of associates in their Consequence Thinking and Near Miss Reporting programs.

Safety Coordinator, Patricia Acosta, proposed taking pictures of the children of associates who have very good safety records and constantly participate in safety programs, and use these pictures to create posters to further promote safety of associates in the workplace. Everyone in the EH&S meeting loved the concept, and the group brainstormed ideas for safety messages that would be used with these posters.

"When I discussed the initiative with the selected associates, they were very excited about the idea of having posters featuring their children hanging in the plant where they worked," said Enrique Noche, Plant Manager. "When we brought their children in for a photo session, they were so cooperative, and as you will see from the posters, very photogenic. Everyone involved had a lot of fun with the project."

Brandon Lopez, who was chosen to be featured in one of the posters, is the son of Sara Garcia and Jose Luis Lopez, who both work in the raw material warehouse and in assembly in Cuernavaca. Sara has 13 years of service with General Cable, and Jose Luis has 11. In his poster, Brandon reminds associates that General Cable should be "Knife-Free" and we should use ceramic cutters.

Luz Ricalde says in English, "Use your safety glasses, so your eyes can always see me."

Luz Ricalde, the daughter of Maria Torices, who works in assembly and has 15 years of service with General Cable, was featured in another poster. In her poster, Luz reminds associates to wear safety glasses.

Additional posters were prepared and hung in the plant when General Cable’s Senior Vice President, North American Operations, Mark Thackeray and Heather Stolper, Vice President, Manufacturing, and Communication & Assemblies Team Leader, visited Cuernavaca.

"We explained the concept for the posters and how we would like to inject the message of working safely for them (our children) into our associates' DNA," explained Enrique. "They liked the idea so much that it is now being incorporated into other General Cable plants, and other associates’ children are starring in posters in other General Cable plants, reminding their parents to work safely for them."


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