Harnessing the Renewable Power of the SUN

With a broad range of solar generation, transmission and distribution cables that link solar power sources to the grid and beyond, General Cable is your renewable solar energy cable partner.

Our Solar Energy cables include:

  • Ruggedized to perform reliably in harsh operating environments, SunGen® is a suite of advanced solar cabling products designed specifically to link solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to the grid. Now in UV/sun-resistant full colors, available in-stock or by special order.
  • ExZhellent-Solar ZZ-F (AS) and XZ1FA3Z-K (AS) cables are designed to withstand the demanding environmental conditions that arise in any fixed, mobile, roof or architecturally integrated solar photovoltaic installation. ExZhellent-Solar provides the maximum efficiency and guaranteed energy transmission throughout the use life of an installation.

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