More Marine Renewable Energies

Offshore wind power is only one example of the technologies for Marine Renewable Energies (MRE). Other technologies are being investigated, such as tidal, wave and thermal energy.

General Cable, through Silec Cable, has recently been selected by EDF SA (the French utility) to supply the cable that will link the EDF Paimpol-Bré́hat tidal farm to land in Anse de Launay Bay (Brittany, France) – a world first. The tidal stream is a wonderful resource to explore because, unlike the wind, it is totally constant and predictable. The four 500 kW turbines each at 2,5 m/s, that is to say 2 megawatts (MW) in total, will be connected to the French power network in 2012.

The EDF tidal project is a very good reference for General Cable in this growing market. Another is a marine turbine project for the Sabella Company, which will be launched in 2012 as well.

Wave energy has also been under investigation for a long time, and Silec has been very involved in its development since its beginning.

The technical team at Silec is also keeping an eye on another Marine Renewable Energy: the thermal energy of the sea that will use the temperature gradient between warmer water surface and the cooler depth water. Again, this new technology will require dynamic submarine cables able to endure the movements of the “float,” which rises and falls with the wave action.

General Cable is in a good position to supply these MRE markets with uniquely designed submarine cables should these markets increase with
large-scale commercial projects in the coming years.


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