General Cable is committed to creating shared value for our associates, shareholders, stakeholders, and the communities in which we operate in through sustainability, health and safety, citizenship and innovation. At the direction of General Cable’s President and Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors, General Cable’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Council was formed and given the day-to-day responsibility of overseeing and reporting our company’s corporate social responsibility program. Our CSR Council is comprised of team members who receive operational guidance and support from three regional Presidents and our Chief Compliance Officer. Our CEO leads the CSR Council as the ex-officio Chairman.

The CSR Council considers and recommends General Cable’s CSR strategy, ensures the adoption of practices supporting General Cable’s CSR initiatives, and collaborates with the Operating Committee1 and Board of Directors in setting corporate objectives and key performance indicators. The CSR Council is also responsible for monitoring the implementation of CSR policies, practices and initiatives, reviewing their effectiveness and recommending improvement measures to the Operating Committee and Board of Directors where appropriate. The CSR Council meets and reports to the Operating Committee and the Board of Directors and annually to the community of stakeholders.

Operating Committee Sponsor:
  • Emerson Moser, Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Council Leader:
  • Gina Rittinger, Director, Marketing Communications
Sustainability & Safety Representatives:
  • Guenther Schoeffner, Chief Executive Officer, NSW
  • Dave Mooney, Director of Environmental, Health & Safety, North America
Citizenship & Compliance Representatives:
  • Roberto A. Sacasa, Vice President, Compliance
  • Dana Schilling, Director of Human Resources, North America
  • Greg Hughes, Vice President, Sourcing & Supply Chain, Latin America
  • Olga Musons, Director of Operational Marketing, Europe
Innovation Representatives:
  • Vijay Mhetar, Vice President, Technology
  • Roger Tocchetto, Technology Manager, Latin America

To contact our CSR Council, please email us at

  1. The General Cable Operating Committee provides business and commercial leadership to enable General Cable to achieve its Global Vision and operate and make decisions as “one company” in the wire and cable industry. It consists of the CEO of General Cable, three regional Presidents and the EVP/CFO.

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