PDIC Brasil — 2011 Community Involvement Highlights

Every year associates at General Cable’s PDIC facilities in Brazil donate their time and the money they raise through “green” projects to give back to their local community. Below are highlights of three examples of their many projects in 2011.

Mosquito Control Campaign

PDIC Brasil associates met with residents of a neighborhood located near their plant to inform them about the possible proliferation of the Aedes Aegytpi mosquito. This type of mosquito is known to cause Dengue disease and the associates from PDIC Brasil have worked with occupational physicians and public health officials to inspect and talk to residents in over 275 homes in their neighboring community to identify breeding locations that should be eliminated, as well as to warn them of initial symptoms of the disease.

Donation to a Daycare

PDIC Brasil associates wanted to help improve the facilities of Daycare Casa do Caminho, which offers daycare to children from four months to four years old and offers the Path of Art Project to children aged seven to 17. The Path of Art Project promotes the arts by providing free lessons for guitar, keyboard, flute, violin, art and choral singing, and it also has a baking school and promotes recycling. The PDIC team donated a new roof using funds raised through the sale of scrap material.


Tree Planting for Tomorrow with Next Generation

Going green with the community, General Cable PDIC Brasil associates planted trees at Phelps Little Farm in partnership with Lions Club Aluminum Institute and State Forests. Working with 80 children from Maria Junqueira Ovidia Public School, they planted about 200 saplings of various species of trees.


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