General Cable Europe Sponsors El sueño de Alex, a Story For and In Aid of Children

A Publication by the Anima Foundation

General Cable Europe is a preferred sponsor of the children’s book El sueño de Alex (or Alex’s Dream), a work geared to improving the quality of life of children with chronic and terminal illnesses. The book has just been published by the Anima Foundation.

This measure of solidarity with the Anima Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that encourages support for children in hospital and their families, is proof of General Cable’s commitment to social responsibility, one of its most fundamental corporate values. Our joint partnership began years ago with the sponsorship of Anima's annual calendar.

A Story For and in Aid of Children

El sueno de Alex is not only a fun book but also conveys values such as solidarity, optimism and a desire to be happy and to make others happy. The book is written by Maria Pineda, a children’s storywriter, and illustrated by Milena Jarjour. It is comprised of 24 pages and has a print run of 8,000 copies (4,000 in Spanish and 4,000 in Catalan). The back cover features the General Cable logo and those of other sponsors, all of which are well-known companies in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food, toys, tailoring and insurance.

The book tells the story of a boy who helps another child find joy and hope during his stay in the hospital. The main characters are Kike and Alex, who have fun adventures in their dreams and enter a magical world full of very unusual characters.

One goal of the book is to give the least dramatic picture possible of the situation of children in hospitals and to show their will to live as normally as possible during their illness. The Anima Foundation will use the funds from sales to finance projects of spirit in psychological and social support therapies for sick children and their families, as well as make improvements to children’s facilities in hospitals (e.g., game rooms and play material). They will also provide funding for research projects and child health programs.

El sueno de Alex will be widely promoted through the Web sites and newsletters of associate companies, on blogs and social networking sites and in the media. It will also be publicized at the Saint George’s Day Festival (World Book Day) in April 2012 and at the Conde de Godo tennis tournament in Spain, at which the Anima Foundation will have a stand. The book will also be issued in schools and centers of education, hospitals and shopping centers, and copies will be set aside as gifts for children in hospitals and their families.

About the Anima Foundation

The Anima Foundation ( is a not-for-profit organization made up of doctors, business people and people from other areas that have joined forces to improve child health. Their charity work helps to fulfill the small dreams of children affected by illness and also to improve their surrounding reality by funding medical, social support and infrastructure programs. To accomplish these objectives, the Anima Foundation has the economic support of companies like General Cable who believe in social commitment and thus prove they are companies with true spirit.

The areas in which the Anima Foundation works include psychological and social assistance for children affected by chronic and/or terminal illnesses, financing and development of support therapies to improve the quality of life of these children and their families, improving children’s facilities in hospitals, involvement in projects of research into child health, and spreading the values of corporate social responsibility.

The European Commission defines corporate social responsibility as a concept “whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis.” General Cable has always shared this philosophy, which it features among its corporate values, and is regularly involved in corporate social responsibility initiatives and programs. In the case of the Anima Foundation, its contribution yields the moral satisfaction of witnessing how it helps to improve the quality of life of the small children and families that are subject to such dramatic situations.


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