General Cable Helps Improve the Quality of Life for Children with Chronic and Terminal Illnesses

Fundación Anima aims to help suffering children

General Cable, a global wire and cable leader, has taken a further step in its socially responsible Corporate philosophy by sponsoring the 2011 calendar published by Fundación Anima, an organization that provides comprehensive care for children affected by chronic and/or terminal illnesses. The calendar has also involved the collaboration of some outstanding and well-known public figures. General Cable has specifically sponsored the page featuring Vicente del Bosque, manager of the Spanish football team that so brilliantly won the World Cup in South Africa. Del Bosque’s photo was taken by a child, Víctor, because the calendar’s true protagonists are the children.

The association of General Cable, Vicente del Bosque and his Spanish national football team on the Anima calendar is no coincidence, as there are clearly many similarities in their philosophies and ways of working. They fully share values such as humility, caution, solidarity, teamwork and hard work, which makes their support for the foundation completely coherent.

Fundación Anima is a not-for-profit organization comprised of doctors, businesspeople and individuals from other spheres who have joined forces to improve children’s health. Its altruistic work helps both to bring small thrills to children affected by such illness and to improve the situation around them by financing medical, social support and infrastructure improvement programs. To undertake these tasks, Fundación Anima has the economic support of companies who, like General Cable, believe in social commitment and thus show they are truly companies with a soul.

The work of Fundación Anima includes psychological and social assistance for children affected by chronic and/or terminal illnesses, financing and developing support therapies to improve the quality of life for these children and their families, improving infrastructures for children in hospitals, collaborating on projects of research into children’s health, and disseminating the values of social corporate responsibility.

The European Commission defines this concept as “a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis.” General Cable has always believed in this philosophy, which is a feature of its values as a company, and is regularly involved in corporate social responsibility measures and programs. In the case of Fundación Anima, moreover, its contribution brings the moral satisfaction of seeing improvements in the quality of life of the small children and families who live through difficult situations.


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