Having a pie thrown in your face is usually seen as an insult but to the employees at the Indianapolis Technology Center (ITC) and Plant, it’s seen as a badge of honor.

As part of their Family Fun Day event recently held on July 9, Indianapolis team members used the day as a way to start a contest to raise funds for charity. Shannon Hinkle, ITC Lab Specialist, originally came up with the idea after proposing it during one of their Engagement Team meetings.

“When the Engagement Team got together, we were trying to come up with ways to do a fundraising event that everyone would want to be involved with and one that would be fun,” said Hinkle. “At one point I remembered back to when I was in school and we would do something similar with a coach or a teacher being the one who would get a pie to the face. For our fundraiser, we flipped the script so that the person who raised the most money would get the pie,” added Hinkle. “Everyone who participated had a lot of fun and they were all good sports about it. As for next year, we might go from just using whipped cream to using actual pies.”

There were five team members who agreed to participate in the contest. They included Bill Scott, Engineering Tech; Vijay Mhetar, SVP, Global Technology; Sean Culligan, Director, ITC; Jon Malinoski, Manager, Materials Development; and Srini Siripurapu, VP, Research and Development.

The team initially raised just over $200 but the winner of the event, Bill Scott, challenged the other participants to match the funds that were raised during the time leading up to the event. They all agreed and as a show of continued support, they too were willing to take a pie to the face. As a result, an additional $220 was raised putting the final dollar amount well over $500.

As the winner of the fundraising contest, Bill Scott was able to direct the funds to the charity of his choice. He chose to have the funds go towards the fight against Breast Cancer.

“I wanted to put the funds toward supporting the fight against Breast Cancer because my fiancée Denise found a lump on herself not too long ago,” said Scott. “With it affecting her and knowing a few friends who have been diagnosed as well, it definitely hit close to home. Once everyone here found out why I was working so hard to win the competition, they really started to take it seriously and everyone really made an effort to participate and donate,” added Scott. “I didn’t see it as getting a pie in the face but more as an opportunity to help raise awareness. Any donation to battle cancer is a win in my book so I definitely saw this as an opportunity to make a difference.”

In addition to the initial fundraising contest, they also held a silent auction during the Family Fun Day event where the winner would be able to throw the first pie. As luck would have it for Bill, Pam Hawkins, wife of ITC Lab Specialist Doug Hawkins, won the honor of having the first throw. As it turns out Pam was Bill’s first girlfriend from back in the 3rd/4th Grade.

“Doug and I are good friends so when I found out that it was Pam who was going to throw the first pie, I knew it was meant to be,” said Scott.

Congratulations to the entire Indianapolis team for coming up with such an original fundraising idea and for all of the money raised to help fight Breast Cancer.


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