General Cable China Fully Devoted to "Youth Build" for Third Consecutive Year

As the world leading wire & cable manufacturer, General Cable is constantly striving to strike a balance between business profitability and sustainable development, which attaches great importance to investing in and cultivating social welfare. In April 2014, General Cable China partnered again with the world renowned NGO Habitat for Humanity, participating in its "Youth Build 2014" house-building program. This marks the third year in a row that General Cable China has participated in this project, which demonstrates the company’s long-standing commitment in the Chinese market.

For Youth Build 2014, which was held April 26th and 27th, volunteers traveled to the villages of Dali and Zhongdai in Pinghu, Zhejiang, where they helped impoverished residents build houses and improve their living conditions. From 2012 to 2014, General Cable China has in all mobilized 192 volunteers to take part in the program, in which 132 poor families (a total of 530 people) have benefited from the assistance of the volunteers and moved into new houses. From Conghua, Guangdong to Pinghu, Zhejiang, and from its employees to corporate management team, General Cable is determined to sow the seeds of philanthropy far and wide to benefit more and more people.

General Cable's management team, employees and distributors took an active part in the program, further expanding its volunteer corps by inviting more clients, suppliers and even trade media to join in this year.

"Thanks to the 'Youth Build' program, I have a deeper understanding of corporate social responsibility," said Yu Runfeng, a technician from General Cable's Tianjin factory. "As a young member in the company, I think it is also very beneficial to shape our characters and outlook on life. We believe only a team with love, devotion and responsibility is able to produce qualified products and services exceeding the clients' expectation."

Mr. Zhao Wei, a distributor of General Cable products, has participated in "Youth Build" three years in a row and had his own takeaway: "Every time I witnessed the impoverished residents benefiting from our efforts in the 'Youth Build' program, I was fulfilled with joy and happiness. I intend to pass on such happiness to more people by inviting more of my friends and colleagues to participate in this activity."

The clients and suppliers General Cable invited this year also poured their hearts and souls into the building process.“I was involved in a number of CSR-related campaigns this year, but none that involved this level of in-depth participation and achieved such effective results. During the ‘Youth Build’ program, I was able to help the poor in person and improve their living conditions with my own hands, which provided me with an unprecedented sense of accomplishment. General Cable’s practice in social welfare is worthy of our respect”, said Lin Haifeng, General Manager of Guizhou Transport Goods and Materials Company, a strategic partner of General Cable.

Since entering the China market, General Cable China has paid close attention to the development of social welfare in China at all levels, and puts effort in an array of philanthropic activities over the long-term. Besides “Youth Build,” General Cable was also a special sponsor for the 2014 “Creating Shared Value” Global Partner Summit held in March by Enactus, discussing effective ways to utilize the strength of corporations to create value for society, the environment and the economy. The company has also deepened its collaboration with One Foundation, signing a donation agreement entitled “One Meter Cable, One Love” while actively responding to One Foundation’s other projects such as "Run for Love" and "Blue Action." General Cable hopes that their every effort will encourage more people to be aware and participate in philanthropic activities.

Habitat For Humanity (HFH), founded in 1976, is a non-profit Christian housing organization with a mission to eliminate poverty housing worldwide by building simple, decent houses. Since the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter's involvement with Habitat for Humanity International in 1984, the former and present US presidents, namely Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, have become supporters of HFH and taken active part in the HFH events. To date, Habitat for Humanity has built more than 500,000 houses, for more than 2,500,000 people worldwide.


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