Prevention & Health Week for Health and a Good Cause at General Cable's NSW Submarine Power Cable Plant in Nordenham, Germany

Prevention Representative Tobias Pilny (left), and Director for Health & Safety, Jörg Rittmann (right), have initiated and organized the Health & Safety week.

Information stand for the local Wesermarsch evening classes school

"Back exercises" with the Trade Employer's Institution for Raw Materials and Chemicals

Cycling for a good cause

Informative Stand of the health insurance fund Melitta Plus

Nordenham, June 17, 2013 - At 8:30 am sharp on Monday morning, the starting shot resounded: Chairman Dr. Günther Schöffner officially inaugurated the first Prevention & Health week at NSW. He encouraged every employee to actively participate in all activities and he once again emphasized the significance of the project: "We must strengthen our awareness for Prevention & Health – because health comes first. The activities and workshops in this week are the ideal platform to enhance existing knowledge about familiar topics and possibly learn something about new aspects."

Not only NSW employees, but also their families, suppliers, selected customers and neighboring companies were invited.

A combination of lectures, interactive workshops and informative events covered topics such as prevention, nutrition, ergonomics, road safety, enhancement of resources, responsibilities of superiors as well as preventive fire protection. Here, not only internal, but also external resources were involved. Internally, the NSW Fire Department, the Representatives for Addictions and Severely Disabled Persons and the Company Physician all participated. Externally, the Trade Employer’s Institution for Raw Materials and Chemicals, the health insurance fund Melitta Plus, the German Red Cross, legal and corporate consultants as well as physiotherapy practices, among others, were present. The main venue was the NSW-canteen, but further workshops were offered outdoors.

This unique project week was initiated by the Team of Jörg Rittmann, Director for Health & Safety, and Tobias Pilny, Prevention Representative at NSW. "Throughout the year, NSW organizes various activities in the field of health and safety. Our idea this time was to present all these topics in a concentrated, but nevertheless comprehensive way, so that they have a sustainable effect for all of our employees", explains Tobias Pilny. Long-term goal is the establishment of a corporate health management system, especially considering the shortage of skilled personnel and the expected changes to the demographic population.

A special highlight was the family day on Thursday, which was a huge success despite poor weather. In particular, the children were excited by the NSW Fire Department which presented a special practice run.

The good cause was also an integral part of the activities: For the daycare center "Blue Elephant", kilometers cycled were converted into donations. The children’s cancer charity “Fussel” received the proceeds from a tombola, which had been organized by the NSW Marketing Department. In total, more than 500 Euros were donated.


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